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Turn Your Prospect's "No" Into Your Client's "Know!"

An educated client is a client for life

Financial 411 G.P.S. 

Goals - Planning & Solutions! 

Separate Yourself From The Competition

Change your life by changing the way you do Business!
Have you ever asked yourself this question; "if this is such a necessary and lucrative business, why then do most people that get licensed quit within the first two years? 
The answer is simple... Most agents focus on making product sales - rather than solving problems. The fact is, people don't want to be sold on anything, they want to own products that solve their problems or improve their lives. But even that is just one step in their bigger picture. This is where you are "supposed" to come in to be that difference for them!
Whether you're brand new to to the industry or you've been selling for years, Robert's on-going Mastermind Mentorship will provide you with the education and the specialized knowledge it requires to help separate you from the pack to become the financial professional you deserve to be!

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We are different than any most other Mastermind or Coaching Program, we actually care about your client's & your success!  
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Is Your Business Veering In The Right Direction Or Did It Get Off Course? What Roadblocks Are Holding You Back?

Lets Get It Back On Track!

At some point all businesses are likely to veer off the track, even just a little. And, you can bet that it is not be what we wanted or what we planned. That means we need to change something as soon as possible. And, the further off the path your business goes, the harder it is going to be to get back on track. The last thing you should ever want is to allow yourself go too far in the wrong direction that you don’t even know which way it is to get back any longer.

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Investing in yourself is perhaps the greatest gift you can give to yourself both now and in the future. When you take the time and resources to devote to improving yourself today, you are enabling a better tomorrow for yourself and everyone in your life. Stop denying yourself and start investing in what really matters.

Insurance Agent Bootcamp Refresher course


* * * From Order Taker to Advisor * * * (6 Week Course)

Live Weekly Coaching/Training        (sample topics below)

  • Financial Advisor or Sales Rep?
  • Insurance Comprehensive
  • Overcoming Fears
  • Working Leads
  • Sales Script - Yes or No?
  • Selling Over the Phone
  • Handling Objections
  • Plus More
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Professional Development / Advanced Education


** Become the Trusted Professional ** (3 Month Course)

Live Weekly Coaching/Training          (sample topics below)

  • Concepts & Strategies
  • Annuities
  • Index Univeral Life (IUL) 
  • Solution Selling
  • The Advance Close
  • Financial Road Map
  • Differentiating Yourself
  • Plus more
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Mastermind Membership Specialized Education

$97 Month

* * Seperating Yourself from the Competition * *

Live Bi-Weekly Mastermind & Study Groups  (sample topics listed below)

  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Pension Maximization
  • Personal Growth
  • Taxes in Social Security
  • 401(k) / Pensions
  • Product Breakdowns
  • Plus More
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Most people  live in a someday world - someday I will...  You need to change that and get out of your way and start with my someday is now!