Meet Robert Goldsmith

Founder and CEO of Financial 411 & Financial Fitness LLC, Licensed Financial Professional, Coach, Mentor, Radio Host, Comedian, Best selling Author of 3 books, "You're Earning what you Deserve & that sucks," "Boom," "Step Forward & Shine," & founder of From Diapers to It-Depends", your financial GPS Coach. 

"You Can't Go Into Today's Marketplace With Yesterday's Skills"

                                              - R. Goldsmith

Robert Goldsmith has been a Financial Professional for more than 37 years,  in addition to a Best-selling Author, Speaker, and Radio Host, best known as “The Entertrainer, ” for bringing his own brand of humor & experience into business and life.  The Founder & President of Financial 411 - Your Financial GPS --"Goals, Planning, and Solutions" as  the host of the radio show / podcast, “From Diaper to It-Depends,” Robert is that seasoned professional often referred to as "the advisors, advisor" having mentored, motivated, coached, and educated thousands of advisors and their clients nationwide. 


Robert has been seen nationally on affiliates of CNN, FOX & NBC, and is a co-author of the Best-selling book "BOOM!", anchored by the iconic Mark Victor Hansen of Chicken Soup Fame. In addition, Robert has become an International Best-seller as a co-author of the book for empowering women, "Step Forward & Shine," and penned a USA Book News award-winning book "You're Earning What You Deserve . . . And That Sucks!" A light-hearted/comedic look at achieving success through humor, education, and most importantly integrity. 

Add into the equation his propensity to add levity into everyday life; it should be no surprise that Robert can also be found performing a cleaner version of Stand up comedy at clubs and venues across the country. That said, when you package all this experience into one it would be a difficult task to find a better, more qualified and entertaining person to assist you through your journey on the path to a better future.

Advisor Education 

Robert's unique educational  programs has help to transform insurance "salespeople" into trusted financial professionals! It's the kind of information that makes a difference in the lives of the clients they serve. 


Corporate Acumen

Robert's business & life experience has led to demand for his expertise at corporate and association events nationwide.  Robert shares strategies that can be applied immediately, gets the audience involved, and promotes positive thinking customized for the financial industry. 

Laughs Anyone? 

One of the most fascinating benefits of Robert's program is his ability to educate his students not only with the quality of the education, but with his ability to keep everyone engaged with a humorous skillset routinely on display as a standup comedian at comedy venues nationwide. That's where you will likely find him on weekends.



"YOU'RE EARNING WHAT YOU DESERVE ...           And That Sucks"
The lessons conveyed within "You're Earning What You Deserve" are challenging and motivating, and will assist anyone who is working for a living, regardless of age, sector or managerial level."
     FROM DIAPERS TO IT-DEPENDS           (coming soon)
"From Diapers to It Depends," is an informative lighthearted look at how everything we do that involves M-0-N-E-Y  (and, everything pretty much does) which helps to determine how we either thrive or barely survive in today's financial jungle.  


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