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People today need something more unique and entertaining to stay engaged and leave uplifted. They need an event that will make them feel like they should - Inspired, valued, appreciated and capable of taking on the world. If your people aren't engaged, they aren't listening, which means they won't remember what's being taught. They need to laugh. Today we are bombarded with information and audience burn out from content overload. Entertaining a crowd with more than just content, can keep them focused and less distracted. If you are planning an event and want sales ideas, leadership, motivation, financial training, or just a speaker who will inspire and energize your audience, you've come to the right place. Robert provides funny speeches, business keynotes, motivational humor along with Financial Education. What makes Robert different is that he specializes in the insurance industry. 

See What Having A Funny Motivational Speaker Can Do For Your Event

You deserve a keynote speaker who understands how important it is to get it right and will dedicate their time focusing on entertaining, educating and lifting up your people, making them feel valued and appreciated instead of just pushing content at them.

We all know that work life is hard. It causes burn out, disgruntled-ness and lack of connection. Show them the appreciation they deserve by giving them an event  they'll  enjoy with a  speaker who can bring enthusiasm to some of the toughest crowds.

With a mix of Stand-up comedy, and his 35-years of experience as an insurance and financial professional, Robert understands how to mix the perfect balance between delivering strong educational content  and inspiration, to garner the audience engagement.


Learning Thru Laugher

With over 35 years of experience Robert is easily at the top of the list of Professional Keynote speakers for the Financial Services industry.   

Robert has been inspiring audiences with his unique blend of "storytelling for success" while simultaneously educating for results. His commitment to engaging the room keeps people intrigued and motivated throughout.  It's the perfect mix between education and entertainment.   As a professional stand up comedian, Robert employs clean, clever comedy, using relevant & current content to bring audiences together around a shared purpose. 

Robert’s programs are extremely well received in the insurance industry because the agents immediately sense that he has gone through the same process that they are in themselves.

Robert shares strategies that can be applied immediately, gets the audience involved, and promotes positive thinking that are  customized for the financial services industry. 
With a range of topics that includes:
If it's true that experience is the best educator, then having a person with experience in your life is the next best thing.  Robert is an expert in the world of money referred to as "The Advisor's Advisor." He has also mastered the art of the sale (which, frankly, isn't really selling at all) in one of the most challenging industries to succeed.  Reach out to Robert to discuss how can create a personalized presentation to meet the needs for your upcoming event. 


You can select your most desired topic or have a plan designed using a combination of messages customized for your events.


Motivate, Educate, and Liven Up Your Workshops


An Outstanding Presentation Loaded with Information and  filled with Laughter to engage and energize your audience. Most importantly, there are no "Canned presentations." Robert tailors every event specifically to the goals and objectives of each organization.  The result is a  presentation that speaks to the heart with a memorable and educating event as he MAKES AUDIENCES LAUGH THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH!


Reinvent Your Agents and Agency With Professional Sales Coaching

 Robert will teach the skills needed to evolve from a product-focused solution provider to a customer-centric organization
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